Link Building Fundamentals for Brand Journals

Link Building Fundamentals for Brand Journals


You have great content but don’t know how to reach readers? We’re excited to introduce to you our brand new ebook, a powerful tool for improving your online PR efficiency.

Online newsrooms actually present an opportunity for digital marketers trying to find new ways to engage their audience with relevant content at the right time. To help drive traffic, marketers are now shifting their priorities to inbound marketing efforts like creating effective content such as blogs, webinars, white papers and press releases. All this newsworthy content can be used inside the online newsroom. All you need is good SEO strategy. 

PRESSfeed’s recent online newsroom report found:

- 72 percent have an image gallery and 61 percent have a video gallery
-  less than 30 percent use multimedia with a with a news release and only 14 percent of news releases are search optimized
- 80 percent of journalists and editors say images and video are important
- 61 percent are connecting their newsroom to their social content
- 52 percent offer social sharing options in their newsroom
- They also lack features the media value
- Only 13 percent offer embed codes for images, slideshows and video
- Inc. 500 companies have some catching up to do, but have the most opportunity!

As much as it’s important to write content that journalists will enjoy and find interesting, it’s equally important to craft it with SEO in mind. To be sure that your newsroom can be found by search engines, dig in our “Link Building Fundamentals For Brand Newsrooms” e-book!

It contains:

– a list of top SEO tools, which will help you immensely in your SEO efforts during 2016
– tips for effective SEO copywriting
– a step by step SEO Brand Journal guide

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Reklama jest tym, co sam mówisz o sobie. Public relations – tym, co mówią o tobie inni. ~Jean-Louis Gassée. Jeśli chcesz zadbać o to drugie, ten ebook jest dla Ciebie. Przypomnimy ci kilka podstawowych zasad, pokażemy jak PR zmienił się na przestrzeni lat, wskażemy najle